Tour of : Md. Mofakhkharul Bari in 2019-2020, as a Faculty Professor
Date Topic Venue
14 - 15 June, 2019 Ilizarov Reading Kurgan
28 -29 June, 2019 Conference, EOF Moscow
27 - 30 August, 2019 ASAMI Conference Liverpool, England
25 - 27 Oct, 2019 "The Road and Belt"
International Forum for Limb Deformity Correction and Rehabilitation Technique Aids
1st Floor, Office Building,,
Weifang Medical College,
29 - 31 Oct, 1 - 3 Nov, 2019 Deformity Correction, Conference CITO,
Krasnodar Conference, Moscow
11 - 12 January, 2020 SAARC on Ilizarov Varanashi, India
7 - 8 February, 2020 C.P.L.R. Dallas, USA
9 - 13 June, 2020 Coimbatorf Pasiactric Conference Tamil Nadu, India
24 - 26 Sep, 2020 21st Asia Pacific Orthopaedic
Association Congress
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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You are always welcome to get acquainted with the activities of our Bio-Centre. Only here you will restore the harmony of your body and Spirit, restore beauty of your stature.
News Paper Cutting
"Marriage within Close-Knit Families can cause Bone Deformities,"
Published in The New Indian Express, 20th December 2015, Sunday

"Surgery Transforming Lives of People with Deformities,"
Published in The New Indian Express, 21st December 2015, Monday

Annual Conference of ASAMI, India - ASAMICON 2017
Welcome to Bari-Ilizarov Orthopedic Centre
Bari-Ilizarov Orthopedic Centre, established in 1997, is recognized as a regional specialty center for general orthopedics; sports medicine; arthroscopic surgery; joint repair, replacement and total reconstruction; and surgery for the spine, hands and feet.

Bari-Ilizarov Orthopedic Centre provides patients with a full spectrum of orthopedic care including in-house x-ray, MRI, EMG/NCV, PIR, Physical Therapy, and Ambulatory Surgery Centre. We will soon be adding Occupational Therapy and an Orthopedics Centre.

Our physicians are board-certified and fellowship-trained in order to treat an array of orthopedic problems with a personal approach.

Mufakhkharul Bari in
Rio 2016 Olympic Games Volunteer

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Our new Annex Building
1/1 Block E, Lalmatia, Dhaka, 2nd & 3rd floor,
Phone: +8802 9135037, +8802 9145580
ilizarov fellowship Professional fellowship in Limb Reconstructive Surgery (LRS) and Correction of Deformity

Program Director
Md. Mofakhkharul Bari
Visiting Hours

Evening: 5:00pm - 10:00 pm

Appointment Information:
Please call our office to make an
appointment at:

72 Sat Masjid Road Nizam's Shankar Plaza Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209.

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