Deformity of the Arm, Forearm, and Hand

Ilizarov upper & lower limb reconstruction in different diseases is a good choice of treatment. Aesthetically beautiful functional arm, forearm and hand. Correct shortening and deformities. Biological reconstruction is the corner stone. Normalize anatomical axis.

Diseases concerned


  • Head of humerus
  • Distal radius
  1. Acute trauma, open fractures
  2. Fracture dislocation of the elbow
  3. Lengthening of the arm and forearm
  4. FFD elbow, pterygium of the elbow
  5. Non-union humerus, radius, ulna
  6. Cubitus varus and valgus
  7. Osteomyelitis of humerus, radius and ulna
  8. Infected non-union of radius and uln
  9. Big gap non-union of the radius
  10. Serpentine deformities of the forearm