Mission, Vision, & Values

Our mission is simple: we believe that caring for you means caring about you, and we provide medical specialists who treat each patient as if they were family. All of our doctors are Board-Certified in their area of specialization. Certification is a comprehensive, voluntary process by a panel of peers that requires successful completion of intensive written and oral examinations. Our group of specialists include orthopedic surgeons and a rheumatologist who have received the highest level of training available and are required to participate in continuing medical education in order to maintain their certification.

All of our patients are mobile in day-to-day living. Several unique techniques have been developed for management of TAO, a limb blood flow disorder, Not long ago, the only way for gangrene arrest was amputation. Nowadays the center’s novel techniques help in saving affected limbs so that such patients can lead a normal life and carry out normal work activities.

After an accident, all fingers might be cut or affected; as a result, a person is not able to use even a spoon. So he or she comes to our centre in order to regain this ability. Joint diseases constitute a great problem in this world. Alongside with the external fixation techniques, our centre performs limb & joint replacement surgery.

New techniques have been developed for management of hand and foot pathologies. The fact that prof. V.I.Shevtsov of Kurgan, (Russia) centre visited our centre in July 2009 to get acquainted with our achievements and has testified that we are very far ahead in the field of deformity correction, limb lengthening, pediatrics orthopaedics and complex trauma.

When using Ilizarov’s technique, not only the limb’s weight bearing capability can be restored but simultaneously, the purulent processes can be arrested also. The infection that is resistant to all types of antibiotics and not arrested after other surgical intervention is “Killed”.

When infection disappears the immune system is restored, and all the organs are cleared off the toxins. In majority of cases, the purulent processes are stopped without administration of antibiotics. In modern medical practices there is no alternative to this unique method of eliminating osteomyelitis.

A century ago, the existing dogma said that “‘the beauty was a natural gift and that it could not be acquired”. But at present, one can think of improving one’s beauty with an increase in one’s height, and surely, we make it possible.

Our centre has been studying and dealing with limb lengthening and stature growth adjustment for more than two decades. Here we are treating patients with limb discrepancies and multi planner deformities.