Tibial Deformity

One-step correction osteotomies and significant lengthening of the lower leg is too risky. Full correction of deformity and length can be achieved with the Ilizarov technique. This procedure is unique and puts high demands both on patients and surgeons.

Tibia, Proximal

  1. Osteotomies for malunions of the tibial head.
  2. Closing-wedge tibial head valgization osteotomy for posttraumatic varus osteoarthritis.
  3. Opening-wedge tibial head valgization osteotomy for medial knee osteoarthritis secondary to a tibia malunion
  4. Opening-wedge tibial head osteotomy for a posttraumatic valgus knee.
  5. Monocondylar osteotomy for a malunited type B3 tibial head fracture
  6. Opening-wedge varization osteotomy for posttraumatic tibial head valgus deformity.
  7. Opening-wedge varization, intraarticular, and monocondylar osteotomy for a malunited tibial head fracture Rents K Marti
  8. Combined opening-wedge varization and intraarticular osteotomy for a malunited tibial head fracture.

9 Combined sagittal and frontal plane reconstruction for a malunited type C tibial head and shaft fracture.

10 Bicondylar proximal tibia reconstruction for a malunited articular proximal tibia fracture.


Tibia, shaft

  1. Tibia shaft

2.Multiple correction of a malunited tibial fracture with nail fixation

3.Multiple correction of a malunited tibial fracture with plate fixation

4.Two-level tibial derotation of a severe rotational malalignment

5.Derotation of a malunited tibial shaft fracture

6.Z-shaped, step-cut correction osteotomy with lengthening for a tibial varus

recurvatum malunion

  1. Staged reconstruction of a see ere lower-leg shortening and deformity

Tibia, distal

  1. Surgical management of malunions of the distal
  2. Correction of tibiotalar incongruence after unreduced ankle fracture

3.Correction of tibiotalar incongruence after long-lasting, chronic ankle distortions

  1. Opening-wedge valgization osteotomy of an extreme varus deformity of the distal tibia

5.Deformity correction and lengthening of an infected distal tibia malunion with an tlizarov frame

6.One-step lengthening of the distal tibia after growth arrest