If you are not satisfied with the shape or proportion of your legs, if your height causes you psychological discomfort or if some other reason, makes you feel incomplete as a person, perhaps the, Limb Lengthening surgery services may give a good solution. The decision to alter your legs for aesthetic reasons (Correction of legs or limb lengthening) is a serious one. Surgical intervention, duration and rehabilitation, medical and accommodation costs, must be taken into consideration. We politely request you to be well informed about the possibilities and details of aesthetic surgery of legs as you make your decision.

Academician Ilizarov G.A invented a method of Distraction osteogenesis and passed scientifically that tissues can grow under tension (Ilizarov’s Law).

Today Ilizarov Limb Lengthening method is well known worldwide, is used to solve many Orthopaedic and Trauma problems. Growing taller is similar to the Ilizarov’s Reconstructive method but there are certain technical and psychological differences.

Different medical centers in different countries perform stature lengthening.

We have treated patients from different corners of Bangladesh and from other countries (Myanmar, Japan, India) as well. Our success rate InshaAllah is very high. Our reputation is worldwide known. Our website will give you many answers to the questions you need to ask as you make a decision about limb lengthening and correction of any deformities. We are ready to help you in right decision.

Prof. M. M. Bari
Post-doctoral Fellow RISC, RTO Kurgan, Russia
Chief Consultant, Bari-Ilizarov Orthopaedic Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Visiting and Honored Prof., Russian Ilizarov Scientific Centre, Kurgan.
Prof. of Weifang Medical University, China.




There are lots of patented external and internal devices, but there is only one device and method of the same name: ILIZAROV’S APPARATUS AND TECHNIQUE.

In 1951 Gavriil Abramovich Ilizarov invented a patent for his external fixation apparatus. By its mechanical features it differed radically from any available alternatives: the crossing Kirschner wires passed through the bone and were attached under tension to circular external rings, spaced apart with threaded rods. The apparatus was initially intended for arthrodesis of knee and immobilization of fracture of bones.

As a man blessed with a healing stroke, selflessly devoted to his calling, an experimentalist challenging establishment, Professor Ilizarov coordinated and focused the work of a great team of clinicians and researchers. Once invented, the apparatus evolved from a simple compression device into what it is today: any problem of orthopaedics and traumatology can easily be solved by this wonderful technique.

Ilizarov’s vast clinical and experimental background led to his brilliant discovery, ‘the stimulating effect of tension stress on tissue genesis (ILIZAROV’S LAW). This was in fact a breakthrough reexamination of the role and functional capacity of bone tissue, which turned to be far more viable and malleable than previously believed. It was proved beyond doubt that bones, muscles, nerves and vessels may grow under certain conditions.

Lots of external fixation devices have been patented since today all over the world, but distraction osteogenesis by Ilizarov’s method, is the only one universally recognized. Hence it is no wonder that the Italians, among the first to discover its potential to shape and stretch every bone, nicknamed Ilizarov ‘the Michelangelo of orthopaedics.


Growing taller is indicated for those whose height or shape of legs is causing significant psychological suffering, and creating difficulty in personal or professional life.

Limb Lengthening, Physical Therapy

Crucial to the effectiveness of physical therapy is patient cooperation. A patient must be highly motivated to work hard physically. This is an important basis for successful achievement of the ultimate goal in the shortest possible time.

There are 3 parts of physical therapy, each with its own importance:

  1. Stretching in preparation of legs for lengthening.
  2. Therapy in the process of lengthening and during the fixation period.
  3. Physical therapy after frame removal

Our Services

  • Treatment of “o”-type curvature
  • Treatment of “x”-type curvature
  • Simultaneous tibias lengthening; single cut
  • Tibias simultaneous lengthening; double cut
  • Cross-lateral tibia-femur lengthening

Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction